Greenshadow Productions


JOY H. GREENBERG, PhD, MFA, is the proprietress of GREENSHADOW PRODUCTIONS, which provides writing, calligraphy, editorial, and proofreading services. She is:

former managing editor of the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture (JSRNC);

a freelance writer, calligrapher, editor, and proofreader specializing in academic articles, doctoral dissertations, non-native English writers, memoirs, personal essays, creative nonfiction, and all intersections of the above;

author of numerous blogs, articles, and essays, including a memoir about her late husband CHUCK GREENBERG and SHADOWFAX, A PAUSE IN THE RAIN;

jewelry designer of gemstone, macramé, and shell necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

From Happy Customer ANN MAXWELL, PhD:
“Joy, your edits [to my doctoral dissertation] were extraordinarily helpful. I am grateful to you for each and every grammatical error you found, every comma you suggested deleting, the name misspellings you noted, consistencies you demanded, etc. My manuscript will be the better because of your assistance.”

Please email for more information, price quotes, and a free sample editing of your work: